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Welcome to the 7th Glycan Forum Berlin 2013

Glycoscience in Asia

Basic and applied science in the field of Glycomics have entered into a new phase. The significance of glycans as “the third biological language” is widely accepted, fundamental insights and discoveries pave the way for new products and innovative applications. We see more competition among leading international research institutes, an increasing range of public funding and growing political support. Basic technologies and prototypes identified with the potential to have substantial societal benefits and a strong impact on the different markets, have reached an astounding diversity. The science of complex carbohydrates has developed into a strategic asset with the ability to influence and shape the value chains of important parts of future economies. It will change the landscape in the health sector, to begin with. But we will also see an increasing influence in agriculture, energy & smart materials.

Because of its growing importance, a special focus will be on "Glycoscience in Asia". We have invited leading scientists from six asian countries to provide insights and an overview of their recent activities and programs.

The 7th Glycan Forum intends to intensify an inclusive and  interdisciplinary networking, inviting an international blend of leading scientists, representatives from business, finance, regulatory bodies, politics and the media.

Join us to witness in the emergence of innovations.

Main Topics of the Conference

  • Glycoscience in Asia
  • Award lectures from the European Young Investigators Workshop
  • Breakthroughs & Advancements:
    • Human Health
    • Material Science
    • Analytics & Synthesis
  • Speed Lectures of Young Scientists


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